A Book of Migrations

For solo uilleann piper and electronics. Duration 50 mins. First performed at Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music by Matthew Horsley on 2 September, 2017.

braneworlds (2016)

For seven musicians in four groups: I. flute; II. flute and percussion; III. clarinet and piano; IV. electric guitar and cello. Duration 15 mins.

(Rehearsal recording from Oct 06, 2016, premiered Oct 07, 2016 by Kupka’s Piano at the Judith Wright Centre). With thanks to Vincent Giles for help on the technological front. This work has no full score, since the different groups are too temporally incongruent. You can instead download the following:
Form schema

warped passages (2015-16)

For solo flute. Duration 9 mins.
View score: warped-passages_v1

Kampflieder (2015-16)

For chamber orchestra. Duration 10 mins.
View score: Kampflieder_v1

Si el clima fuera un banco (2015)

For piano and fixed media. Duration 18 mins 30 secs. Recording of premiere performance by Alex Raineri 19 June 2015, Brisbane.

View score: Si el clima_v2_4

a new day in the desert (2014-15)

For quintet. Duration 6 mins 50 secs. Recording of premiere performance by Kupka’s Piano 19 April 2016, Brisbane. Performers: Lizzy Welsh, violin; Katherine Philp, cello; Jodie Rottle, bass flute; Macarthur Clough, clarinet; Alex Raineri, piano.

View score: Desert_v1

Quite Early Morning no. 2 (2014)

For flute, piano and percussion. Duration 12 mins. Recording from premiere performance by Kupka’s Piano 18 July, 2014. Performers: Hannah Reardon-Smith, flutes; Angus Wilson, percussion; Alex Raineri, piano.


Trio for Trumpet, Guitar, and Percussion (2013)

Duration 10 mins. Recording from workshop performance by Ensemble Ascolta at the Dian Red Kechil Composers’ Residency, Singapore, May, 2013.


Sketches for flute and piano (2012)

Performed by Hannah Reardon-Smith and Alex Raineri.

Sketch no. 1

Sketch no. 2