Towards musical égaliberté: a musical staging of freedom in equality

My good friend and colleague Peter Clark meditates on some interesting thoughts in this post, spontaneous/parametric writing, counterpoint, figure/gesture, Balibar’s ‘égaliberté’… Worth the read!


In order to adequately explore Adorno’s concept of musique informelle I have found it necessary to establish a set of tools that help me to span musical time in a logical, intentional way. I began initially by setting down parametric guides for my daily writing to run along. These were simple, linear types which I then divided up into different kinds of gestures. My goal was to imagine as many distinct parameters in each category, from which I selected the richer ones. With this necessary restriction in place I was able to produce quite a few ideas that I could see being open to long term elaboration. But how to elaborate them?

Another question was how to combat the tendency of constant small-scale gestural intricacy towards formless stasis. My initial solution has been to layer parameters in order to blur their identities a little. Two to three gestural and/or linear attitudes might be heard simultaneously, but…

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