I’m not unhappy with this piece, for what it is…

Click here for listening pleasure.

Sketches for flute and piano. A kind of dipping my toes into the icy waters of non-neutral material. It was revealed to me by François recently that the music doesn’t really have a harmonic logic, nor a rhythmic one, nor a contrapuntal one. Hence, no not really any non-neutral material. Very impressionistic. That’s a pity. Still, it’s a start. The main failing of the work is the attempt at structural ambiguity that I was going for by having ‘harmonic’ and ‘rhythmic’ counter-structures against the formal partitioning of the work, which is a banal rondo. This ambiguity is not audible.

As part of my JUMP mentorship I plan to compose two more of these small pieces for flute and piano, to make a little set of ‘3 pieces for flute and piano’ and then I will write a piece for flute, clarinet and vibraphone, which will depart from all this…

Also a big thanks to the performers Hannah Reardon-Smith and Alex Raineri who did a wonderful job here. This was performed as part of the Kupka’s Piano concert series this year.


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