In the beginning there was music

So today I begin to blog. I choose to begin, symbolically, with music. Not, of course, out of any mystical belief in the ontological primacy of music (the ur-sound, etc), but because I find it the easiest subject to avoid. This is the practice of mine that is first left by the wayside when things get busy – unlike politics, which has such immediate motivators, and unlike philosophy, which transfixes one with the lure of understanding. This blog is in part an attempt to help me to continue composing, as François Nicolas would put it, in times in which the task of the composer is not at all clear. Thus this blog is also an attempt to understand the task of the composer. As for music’s relationship to philosophy and to politics, this is and no doubt will remain problematic, and it is not my immediate concern at this stage, but I foresee that it will become somewhat of a theme as this blog progresses.

So, primarily my intention is to discuss issues arising from my composing, including my listening and other musical practices.


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